Tuesday, December 13, 2011

oh, this time of year.

This time of year is magical. This time of year is busy. This time of year is exciting, stressful, happy and tiring. I find myself wanting to get out and spend time with friends. I find myself wanting to stay in wearing pajamas to watch TV with my sweet little girl.

I want to drive listening to music and the chattering of my baby in the backseat. I want to use that precious car time to call friends back home.

I want to be here in California enjoying the cool, crisp air on evening walks. I want to be here in California exploring new places and making new friends. I want to be back in Boston with my friends. I want to meet all the new babies and see growing baby bumps. I want to sit over coffee and hear the stories of exciting new news. I want to sink into a comfy couch with an old friend and watch a Christmas movie.

You see? I am torn. I am loving where I am and missing where I'm not. I am simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted. On the one hand I feel accomplished and settled and on the other I feel like there is so much more left to do.

I supposed these things are all a part of the holidays and also moving. I think Christmas is so cherished because it forces us to slow down and spend time with those we love. The tricky thing about that, though, is that getting to that point of slowing down and enjoying friends and family takes a lot of work. So right now I will remind myself to take deep breaths, enjoy a couple greasy hair/PJ days while I scramble to get everything done, knowing that in less than a week things will be completely different and much more calm.


colleen said...

i think you captured what christmas is exactly - a combination of joy, missing those you can't be with, and being hectic - but at the end it's slowing down and appreciating each moment.

Jodi Ann said...

You said it exactly how I feel it right now. I've been so torn between loving where I am and missing where I'm not. Thank you for the reminder to take it slow and enjoy each moment. Such a good post!

Grace said...

Ditto. Miss. You.

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